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Both, your Union and the Company met on July 7 and July 8, 2020. In addition to the numerous other concessionary proposals, the Company is now proposing the following reductions in your healthcare benefits. Kroger’s proposed health plan is 100% controlled by Kroger. Kroger wants to dismantle your South Central Trust Fund, which is governed jointly by a Board of Union and Kroger Trustees. You have a seat at the table, but now Kroger wants to take away your voice when it comes to your health care benefits.

Did you receive a robocall from the Kroger concession line this week? They have been calling around to collect their debt from their workers like a collection agency. Well, here is their Company Insurance Plan called “K-Plan” that they want to talk about.

How do you know that this Company “K-Plan” will be secure & affordable when it is in full control of Kroger? You should Trust in your Trust Fund!

Tell the Company today, we want our current South Central Plan, not a Company Plan!