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United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 455

The United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 455 is a labor organization representing 21,000+ hard-working men and women in southern Texas and Louisiana. We are a 501(c)(5) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of workers and their families by raising standards in the industries we represent.

Our members are your friends and neighbors. They work in grocery stores, pharmacies, manufacturing and warehousing facilities, barber and beauty shops, zoos, and food processing and meat packing industries. Everyday our members are on the front lines working hard to feed, serve and strengthen the neighborhoods and communities we call home.

We recognize that creating a more just and equitable society comes with hard work and dedication. Through good-faith bargaining, our members have won:

  • Increased wages and benefits
  • Paid vacations, holidays and sick leave, scheduling overtime protection
  • Seniority rights
  • Job security, grievance procedure rights and other benefits

A Combined Effort

Members of UFCW Local 455 are empowered through the combined strength of more than 1.3 million fellow members which make up the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. Together, with over 1,000 UFCW locals across the United States and Canada, we are an effective force for better wages, secure benefits and stronger rights at the workplace.

Grocery & Retail
Packing & Processing

History of UFCW Local 455


A charter was issued to Retail Clerks Union Local Number 455.

On July 30, 1956 a charter was issued by the Retail Clerks International Association, AFL-CIO to Retail Clerks Union Local Number 455, Houston, TX. The Charter was granted upon application for a charter by seven clerks employed by Henke & Pillot Grocery Stores (now Kroger) in Houston, TX.


The first contract was signed.

The first Union contract was signed on January 24, 1957 between Local 455 and the Henke & Pillot Division of the Kroger Company. That first contract was fifteen (15) pages long and formed the base upon which our contracts for food stores are built today.


NLRB won the case known as NLRB vs. J. Weingarten, Inc.

In February 1975, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the NLRB in the case known as NLRB vs. J. Weingarten, Inc. This case was initiated by Local 455 and directly resulted in what is now called your “Weingarten Rights.”


The name of your Local was changed to United Food & Commercial Workers.

In 1979 a new Union was born with the merger of the Retail Clerks and Meat Cutters International Unions. The name of your Local was changed to United Food & Commercial Workers Union Local 455.


Barber and Cosmetology International Union merged with UFCW.

The Barber and Cosmetology International Union joined with the UFCW in 1981.


Louisiana Local 210 merged with Local 455.

With the merger of Local 455 and Louisiana Local 210 in July, 1999, the combined memberships marked the beginning of a new era of cooperation, progress, and innovation.


Local 408 merged with Local 455.

In March 2008, Local 408 merged with Local 455. The merger included Meat Cutters, Poultry Processors, Zoological Workers, Coffee Workers, and Oil Mill Workers further growing our union.


Local 455’s legacy continues.

After 67+ years, Local 455 is now stronger and more diverse than ever. From the founding 7 to the 19,000+ members today, it’s our commitment to our members and our willingness to adapt, innovate and change with the times that has taken us to where we are today.

Companies We Represent

This is by far the best experience I've had with a Union. I must admit I had my reservations about unions in general due to my conservative values, but this Union actually puts us before politics. Shout out to my rep and UFCW!!!!!

Adam W.

This Union fights for us workers, representatives are always available and attentive to our rights, the benefits including insurance is the reason I am working with Kroger.

Josue M.

I use to have my doubts about unions, but these people fight for us and actually come see all of us at our plant. The rep always talks to us to make sure everything is ok, and handles issues we tell her the same week. You can tell they all genuinely care.

Gerald M.

Our Leadership


Brandon Hopkins

Brandon has been a union member since 2007. He began his career working as a rank-and-file member and later joined the Local Union staff as a union representative. He has since settled grievances, bargained contracts and won labor charges, all on behalf of the members he serves.

On April 24, 2020, Brandon Hopkins was elected President of UFCW Local 455. Hopkins is the son of retired Local 455 President & International Vice President Bill Hopkins. Bill had a long career with the Local and served brilliantly for over 40 years. The new administration’s goals have & will always be to continue the hard work and sacrifice the membership and previous leadership made before us and to continue to work towards stronger contracts, fair increases, retirement, and healthcare for all!

As President of Local 455 of the United Food and Commercial Workers, Brandon Hopkins has emerged as one of the youngest and most influential labor leaders in the Southern United States. Hopkins has been a union member for 15 years. He began his career as a rank-and-file member at Kroger and Special Project Union Representative, respectively, later joining the Local Union staff as a full-time representative in 2008. He worked as a Union Representative in Houston & east Texas before servicing Louisiana.

During his time in Louisiana, he was promoted to Assistant Field Director in conjunction with assisting the Local in contract negotiations across the jurisdiction. In 2014, he moved back to Houston to assist former Secretary-Treasurer, Rick Alleman, in the bargaining department and former Grievance Director, Sue Mann, in the grievance department. Hopkins was promoted to Director of Collective Bargaining and Special Assistant to the President in 2018, and Executive Assistant to the President in 2019. Hopkins has assisted in all major negotiations for the last 12 years.

Hopkins currently holds a seat on the South-Central Health and Welfare Fund & the Atlanta Health and Welfare Fund. He also maintains a seat on the board of the Texas Future Project and the Gulf Coast AFL-CIO. Additionally, Hopkins works with local and state elected officials to advance the Local’s pro-labor agenda for its members.

Hopkins is a 2015 graduate of the Harvard Trade Union Program – administered by the Harvard Law School and completed the Wharton Schools Executive Education Program on negotiations in 2016. Furthermore, Hopkins completed the Black Swan Negotiations Program sponsored by the Black Swan Group in 2022.

Thanks in large part to the support of its membership and its leadership, Local 455 will continue to have a strong history of standing up against corporate greed, corruption, mistreatment, and other employer tactics used to steal members’ hopes, dreams, and opportunities & slow the path towards prosperity.

Former Positions Held at UFCW Local 455:

– Texas Special Project Union Representative
– Texas Union Representative
– Louisiana Union Representative
– Louisiana Assistant Field Director (assisted former Secretary Treasure Rick Alleman)
– Texas Assistant Field Director (assisted former Grievance Director Sue Mann)
– Field Director for Texas
– Field Director for Louisiana
– Director of Collective Bargaining
– Special Assistant to the President (Former UFCW 455 President Bill Hopkins)

Shirley Rome

Shirley Rome

Shirley has been a member of UFCW since 1986. She started her UFCW career as the office manager for Local 210, in Baton Rouge, LA. In July of 2018, Shirley was appointed as Local 455's first female Secretary-treasurer.

Shirley has been a union member for over 35 years. Her father worked with Ingall’s Shipbuilders and was a strong union member - He taught her the value of a union. She began her career with UFCW Local 210 in Baton Rouge, LA in 1986 as the office manager. After the merger of Local 210 and Local 455 in July 1999, Shirley continued working in the Baton Rouge office. In 2001 Shirley left the office for a job as a Union Representative and enjoyed it immensely! It was then when she truly realized the joy of helping others.

In November 2017, Shirley was promoted to Field Director, overseeing all the Louisiana Union Representatives. Today, she serves as UFCW Local 455’s first female Secretary-Treasurer and has been filling this roll since July 2018. It’s been a long 35 years but she hopes to continue in serving the membership and staff she enjoys so much!

“UFCW Local 455 is all about making sure our members are taken care of. That’s why I’ve been with the union for over 35 years!”

Former positions held at UFCW Local 455:

- Union Representative
- Field Director
- Secretary-Treasurer


Hip Arriaga

Assistant Collective Bargaining Director

Rydell Cummings

Grievance Director

Salina Padilla

Administrative Assistant

Kevin Pechacek

Organizing Director


Marie Fainter

Marie Fainter

Coy Helton

Coy Helton

Oscar Martinez

Oscar Martinez

Paul Powell

Paul Powell

Karla Rivera

Karla Rivera

Leonard Sanchez

Leonard Sanchez


Tomas Arizola

Tomas Arizola

Cesar Dominguez

Cesar Dominguez


Monica Cano

Rhonda Clemens

Crystal Liao

Tyrone Rudder

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