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Dear Local 455 Kroger Members,

Your Bargaining Committee met with the Company on 2/14 & 2/15 to continue our work on securing contracts in Houston that reward your hard work. Your worker-led Bargaining Committee left the room at the end of the week last week feeling that while some progress has been made in our months of bargaining with the Company, it is not enough. Most of the time spent on bargaining topics last week did not yield enough progress for our members. Your Bargaining Committee recommends, while we continue our contract discussions with the Company this week on Wednesday 2/21 & Thursday 2/22, our membership continue to prepare themselves. In the event a contract cannot be reached by expiration, we must continue gathering our memberships vote to authorize the Committee to call a strike.

While your Bargaining Committee is fighting hard for you at the bargaining table, we also have seen tremendous unity and support at last week’s store strike votes, as our rank and file members have been hosting the votes in the parking lots of Kroger stores across the Houston Division. Through rain or shine, your brothers and sisters have been, and will be, out in the store parking lots until the voting ends on Thursday 2/22 of this week, to make sure our memberships voice is heard. Remember, the store level strike votes are from 10am – 6pm in each Kroger store parking lot of the Houston Division. Please see the strike vote notice, to see what voting day and store work best for you. We strongly encourage every member to vote.

To cast your vote to give your Bargaining Committee strike authority, click the link below.

Click Here To Vote

To view the store strike vote notice, click the link below and be sure to attend a store vote and make your voice heard.

Strike Vote Notice

To signup to serve as a picket captain click the link below.

Sign Up To Be A Picket Captain

With the proposed Multi-Billion Dollar merger of Kroger and Albertsons on the horizon, where workers and consumers stand to lose, our Bargaining Committee believes the Company must do more, now, for the workers it currently has; the workers that made them so successful to begin with! It’s important we continue to stand together for good contracts that reward your hard work, and allow our membership to be lifted up. Send a loud and clear message to Kroger that they can and should do more. Working together, we will make Kroger a better place to work.


In Solidarity,

Your Kroger Houston Bargaining Committee & Local Union President Brandon Hopkins.