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Your health and safety must come first. Help us send a message to Kroger.

What are the COVID-19 health & safety concerns at your store?

By sharing your workplace concerns – your personal stories – about what its like to face the risks of COVID-19 at work each day, you are helping send a message to Kroger that your health and safety must come first.

Your UFCW union has made clear to Kroger that as long as the threat and hazards of COVID-19 remain, hazard pay, affordable health care you control, and improved safety in the stores is as essential as you are.

Please record a short 60 to 90 second video that shares your story, in you own words, of the concerns you have and what it's like to face the risks of COVID-19 as an essential worker.



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Other Questions To Take Action

What is it like to be an essential Kroger worker in Houston during a pandemic?


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Step Up, Kroger. Keep Stores Safe.

January 12, 2021

Protect Yourself with the COVID Vaccine.

January 10, 2021
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