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The Union & Company met last week on August 11th & 12th to continue discussions on your contract with the assistance of a Federal Mediator. While Your Union had an MOB on the table,  a new South Central Trust Fund healthcare proposal was made this week with a few minor adjustments to secure your Trust Fund for the life of the contract, and for you to still have a voice in your healthcare!

We want to be clear, the most important thing to us is that you have a contract and health care plan that works for you. While it is unfortunate that the company continues to present unreasonable proposals and cuts to your health care coverage, we remain committed to finding a solution that protects your health care and guarantees you the benefits you have earned and deserve.

The company modified their wage proposal this week with the latest proposal over the life of the new contract being significantly less than what you were making when all workers were receiving an extra $2 dollar hazard pay between 3/29 – 5/16 of this this year.

Their modified wage proposal will essentially freeze all wage rates for mid- to department- level positions. Meaning the same workers who were considered heroes 3 months ago, who have kept their stores open, operating, and profitable during this global pandemic, will now have their wage increases frozen unless and until they are promoted by the company. This will eliminate all current steps in your wage progression, which is currently protected by your union contract.

According to Kroger’s current wage proposal (see chart below), they are shifting focus to entry level wages with a total increase of $2.75 from the current contract, compared to only $0.90 for full-time workers at their top rate and only $2.50 for mid-level workers.

Kroger’s Modified Wage Proposal

To break this down even further, if you look at the Levels in their wage proposal (see break down below), you are essentially frozen inside of a level without being able to achieve the top rate, unless promoted to a lead, ADH, or department head. Your progressions move from left to right, inside of a level, with very few increments.

Kroger’s Modified Wage Break Down

We believe that all hardworking members deserve fair wage rates and increases that allow you to share in the company’s success – success that you helped create. Success that has made Kroger the multi-billion-dollar corporation it is today.

So why is the company that you helped make a success trying to nickel-and-dime your wages and health care coverage? Especially after eliminating your “hero pay” in the middle of a national and global health crisis where its profits have doubled? That’s what we would all like to know.

Ask the company today, why are you making it more difficult to achieve the top rate?

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