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Here are the details of your agreement that the Company refuses to sign and is holding up your contract! When will the Company stop continuing this bad behavior and holding up your money?

After nearly two years of bargaining, we have reached an important tentative agreement that’s better than the Company’s 2020/2021 LBF. While the negotiations process may have taken longer than anticipated, this is a good agreement that we hope you will find rewards your hard work and creates certainty for you and your families; if the Company does the right thing and signs what they’ve bargained, drafted, and sent to the Union for signature.

Affordable, Stable Health Care

Under this tentative agreement, Houston associates will merge into an existing fund known as the Atlanta Taft-Hartley Health Care Fund, which is a jointly administered fund, effective January 1, 2023, with existing Union negotiated improvements to the benefit plan design. Through the negotiated agreement The Atlanta Taft Hartley Health Care Fund will lower your prescription drug coverage, deductibles, and out-of-pocket maximums. You should know the Atlanta Taft Hartley Health Care Fund includes more than 20,000 union participants and has a proven record of stability and transparency in reporting.

Competitive Wages and Reliable Pension

This tentative agreement also improves on the $56 million wage investment included in Kroger’s previous offer. In addition, it will also provide the security and stability of your past and future pension benefits and our full time jobs. We know your pay is important and are committed to rewarding you for your hard work. Specific wage improvements include raises for all workers during the life of the agreement.

As proud Kroger associates and union members, we know you are the heart of Kroger Houston and UFCW Local 455 and we truly appreciate your patience and sincere commitment to delivering great service to your customers and their families throughout this negotiations process.

Tell the Kroger Company including your store management team today, to sign the tentative agreement to get you the contract that you have earned and deserved. Your Union has signed the agreement. When will Kroger stop playing games with your money and sign your Union contract!!??

Kroger is holding up your Contract, your money, your dignity, and your respect!!

Here are the facts that further demonstrates Kroger’s bad faith bargaining conduct!!

Ask your store manager today, what is the Company’s hold up on the Company signing the contract that they just bargained and drafted??