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Dear UFCW members,

Beginning on September 3rd through September 10th, every UFCW Local 455 Houston Kroger member will have an opportunity to vote on Kroger’s so-called “Last, Best, and Final” (LBF) offer.

With just days until voting begins, we want to remind you how we got here and why it is so important for you to turn out and vote on Kroger’s so-called Last, Best, and Final offer.

Will You Take the Pledge to Vote 🗳️ on Kroger’s LBF?

Why Should You Vote 🗳️ on Kroger’s LBF?

    • Your vote is your voice!!! And your vote is important.
    • Voting on Kroger’s offer is the most important thing you can do as a union member who wants to better their lives and make Kroger a better place to work. ✊
    • Voting is your right, and no one can take that away from you.

How Did We Get Here? 📍

Before you vote, we strongly believe that every UFCW Houston Kroger member deserves to know the real facts of what makes up Kroger’s “Last, Best, and Final” offer and to consider how it will impact you and your family.

    • On August 19 and October 14 of 2020, Kroger came up with their so-called “Last, Best, and Final” offers for clerk and meat workers and decided to force their offer into effect without reaching an agreement with your bargaining team and without your vote.
    • Kroger’s offer implemented a brand-new wage level system that freezes you in your current level, making it impossible for anyone to move up levels unless you change your hours, and impossible to earn the top rate unless you happen to already be in Kroger’s “Level 5.” Under the previous wage system negotiated by your union, you received a wage increase every 6 months and everyone had the ability to achieve the top rate. 💰
    • Kroger’s offer reduces full-time positions, allows vendors to do employee work, and includes crossover language that allows for overlap between clerk and meat department duties.
    • Kroger’s offer forced workers off the South Central Trust Fund, co-managed by your local union and the company, and pushed all participants onto a company-controlled plan that has been shown to increase prescription and other out-of-pocket costs. 📈🏥
    • Your union has filed multiple federal charges against Kroger’s unfair labor practices and bad faith bargaining. We will be discussing all of them at the vote meetings.

Again, between September 3rd, and ending September 10th, you, and every UFCW Local 455 Houston Kroger member, will have the opportunity to vote on Kroger’s contract offer.

Take the pledge and choose your preferred voting day, location, and time.

During the coming days, we will be available to address any questions you may have surrounding Kroger’s offer.

To receive text message updates about Kroger bargaining and other union news, text ‘KrogerHOU’ to 83071 or click here. And as always, if you have any questions, reach out to us at or (281) 448-5555.

Thank you again for joining together for the better life you and all our members have earned and deserve.


Brandon Hopkins

UFCW Local 455 President