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Dear Local 455 Kroger Members,


Due to your immense support & dedication to our movement, and our move towards deadlining the Company of an upcoming strike, the Kroger Company was forced to sign the Tentative Agreement that was agreed upon in December. The same Tentative Agreement they said didn’t exist.

Thank you for all your hard work and for standing up to Kroger’s greed, ULPs, and bad offers!

Getting a fair contract from the Company was the ultimate goal from the beginning of our bargaining and this agreement that we reached with the Company, which improves upon the “Last Best and Final” Offer the Company proposed and partially forced on you in 2020, does just that.

I want each of our strong and faithful Local 455 members to know that YOU did this. You are the Union and when we stand together and work together, we can achieve great things.

We will continue to pursue the “dues shutoff” NLRB charges against the Kroger Company and if and when we recover money from Kroger, that money, as we’ve previously stated, will be given back to the membership!

The membership “Get-Together” that was scheduled on April 7th, at 7PM will be rescheduled following the successful ratification of the Houston contracts.


Our next steps now are to move towards ratification and work towards securing our contracts by majority vote. The local will be recommending the acceptance of this deal and to conclude our 2020-2022 bargaining round with the Company. We will be back at the bargaining table when our CBA expires in 2024.

Scroll down for ratification voting locations!!
Thanks for everything you do, for being a great member and for serving your communities and customers. Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this process and I look forward to seeing and being with you in the future.



President Brandon Hopkins & Local 455 Staff


UFCW Local 455 & the Bargaining Committee’s recommend you vote to ACCEPT the contract. Please gather all the facts and ask your Union Representative any questions you may have before voting.

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