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Congratulations Restaurant Depot Members On Successful Ratification Of Their New Union Contract!

Your Union and Restaurant Depot reached an agreement to increase wages, premium pay, and more, for all workers. This new contract is set to expire on September 11, 2024. Here are some of the benefit improvements included in the new contract:


  • Secured wages increase with retroactivity to expiration of the contract.
  • The company will pay any unused time for vacations, sick leave, and personal days. Any unused time at the end of the employee’s anniversary will be paid before the end of the calendar month following his or her anniversary month.
  • Vacations with pay will be granted each calendar year to all non-probationary employees; on the 1st & 2nd anniversary employees receive one (1) week; on the 3rd– 5th anniversary, two (2) weeks; on the 6th– 15th anniversary, three (3) weeks; on the 15th and subsequent anniversaries, four (4) weeks.
  • Any unused vacation remaining at the end of your anniversary date shall be paid to the employee before the end of the calendar year.