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Congratulations to Nan Ya Plastics Members On Successful Ratification Of Their New Union Contract!

UFCW Local 455 and Nan Ya reached an agreement to increase all wages and improve safety & working conditions for all bargaining unit employees. Here are some of the benefit improvements:

  • All employees will have a guaranteed annual pay increase.
  • The initial pay increase is retro-active from March 2021.
  • Workers that had been frozen in pay progressions will be placed at the correct progression, based on length of service, and be compensated retro back pay dating back to 6/17/2020.
  • There will be a new Longevity premium of .50 cents/hr., for the top rate of their classification, for workers with more than 20 years of service.
  • The safety shoe allowance increases to $75.00.
  • There is a new bonus program to award perfect attendance by up to $2.50/hr., depending on the worker job classification and shift work.