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Dear UFCW member,
I wanted to take the time to address some common questions I’ve received from members while making store visits this past week.

Did we get a raise?

Rather than provide you with the hazard pay you deserve for the deadly risks you continue to take, some of you may have seen a pay increase this week of anywhere between 40 cents and two dollars. This is Kroger’s attempt to pay you less in the hope that you will stop demanding the hazard pay and wage progressions you truly deserve. This is not good enough, and you deserve better.

What about the $100 gift cards and fuel points?

We have made it clear to Kroger that while we welcome incentives that help make our members’ lives better, this is nowhere near enough. You deserve proper wage increases and hazard pay, and when it comes to vaccines, you should be given top priority. Providing you with a gift card or fuel points is NOT the same as providing you with better healthcare, higher wages, or hazard pay.

We believe Kroger MUST do better.

Regardless of Kroger’s attempt to silence you and your union, we are determined to negotiate a better contract that protects your benefits and increases your wages. Every day, your union representatives are still visiting stores and available to help you.


Please call us at (281) 448-5555 or email if you have any other questions, concerns, or ideas about how we can make Kroger a better and more responsible company.

Thank you and please stay safe.
Brandon Hopkins

UFCW Local 455 President

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