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Dear UFCW member,

It is because of your hard work and sacrifice during the deadliest health crisis our country has faced, that Kroger has been profitable and successful this past year. So successful in fact, that their third quarter financial report shows 3x MORE profit than last year:

Kroger’s 3rd quarter financial report was just released, and they profited $792 Million compared to $254 Million over the same period last year.  

Your hard work has helped Kroger make more than three times as much profit.

So why is Kroger still refusing to restore hazard pay or keep affordable union healthcare for its workers when they have made over $3 billion in profit so far this year?

Kroger has made over $3 Billion in profit so far this year, but is refusing to restore your hazard pay or contribute to your affordable healthcare?

These are benefits that you and your union have fought for and that you and your coworkers have earned through hard work and sacrifice.

This is pandemic greed at its worst.  

It is a slap in the face to the many workers who are struggling without essential hazard pay, who have been exposed or infected with COVID-19, or who continue to put themselves and their families at risk every day. And enough is enough.

Here’s how you can stand up to Kroger’s pandemic greed:

  • Join the Street Action Committee by signing up here so you will be the first to know of any upcoming events or direct actions.
  • Tag Kroger on Facebook (@Krogerand Twitter (@Krogerand ask them: Why is @Kroger threatening our healthcare and refusing to restore essential hazard pay for frontline grocery workers when they have made over 3 BILLION in profits this year? #WeAreEssential #PandemicGreed #Kroger
  • Engage your customers by letting them know what Kroger is doing and asking them to sign up for store alerts by texting ‘KrogerAlerts’ to 23396.

And email us at if you have any questions, concerns, or ideas on how we can make Kroger a better and more responsible company.


Thank you,

Brandon Hopkins
UFCW Local 455 President