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Dear Local 455 Kroger Members,

The Local Union leadership and your Bargaining Committee have proposals on many various bargaining subjects. Below are some of the key issues your Bargaining Committee is working on for you:

1) Wages

– Worker decreases are made whole, and future protections are in place to prevent it again. (language corrected)

– Wage migration to higher rates for all workers

– Contract raises and bonuses for all workers

2) Healthcare

– H&W eligibility (either raise the minimum hour requirement to work or lower the eligibility requirement to qualify for H&W).

– Affordable plan design (no cuts to plan design).

– No benefit cuts for the life of CBA (proper funding).

– All future full-time workers in plan one (full-time migration).

3) Bargaining Unit Work

– Return of cut fruit, floral NGS, Gatorade, and other BU hours that have been lost.

4) Union Recognition

– Austin Counties and Louisiana’s Parishes language in the recognition article added to CBA’s.