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Dear Local 455 Kroger Members,

Your Union Leadership and the Kroger Company engaged in early contract discussions for our Houston area employees over the last several months, working towards contracts you and your coworkers can be proud of, recommend, and ratify. While many bargaining subjects have been discussed, we have made slight progress on a handful of issues, with several critical areas of your contract not being resolved by this point in our discussions. Local 455 Leadership and our Local 455 worker bargaining committee, made up of workers just like you, met at our Houston office headquarters on several occasions to discuss next steps with your Union contract and to report back on what progress has been made. Your bargaining committee decided the best course of action going forward is to continue contract discussions with the Company with the worker bargaining committee involved at the bargaining table. We sent the Company a letter requesting to continue discussions with the bargaining committee involved at the bargaining table and we have agreed to meeting dates on January 9th & 10th. We will keep you updated whatever comes out of those meetings.

Thank you for serving our communities and helping keep your Union strong! In the meantime, let’s make sure all Kroger workers are signed up to be members of the Union and coordinate with your Union Stewards and Union Representatives on what additional steps you can take to help your Union secure contracts with the Company you and your co-workers can be proud of!

To get to know your bargaining committee better, please click the link below.

Your 2024 Kroger Negotiations Bargaining Committee

In Solidarity,

Your UFCW Local 455 Kroger Houston Bargaining Committee & Local Union President Brandon Hopkins

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