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Last week, both the Union and Company met but had limited negotiations due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are aware all workers are extremely busy stocking shelves and taking care of the customers right now so below is a small update for you when you have time.

The Union addressed and countered the Company’s recent proposal. Every counter proposal the Union made towards the Company's first proposal is better for workers! As you well know, all of the company proposals are to take away several of your benefits, if you have some time feel free to check them out for yourself on, since they are so proud of them.

Here are some of the highlights from the meetings:

  • The Company admitted it is not the workers fault for our health care benefits being cut but wants to continuously claim “we are all in this together.”  If we were “all in this together” the company would have never forced us to take benefits cuts and would not be proposing to build non union-stores instead of restoring our benefits. That is not having a relationship!


  • The Company claims they would like to invest more dollars in your wages and healthcare but in order to do that they need to rob you of other contractual benefits to come up with the money to do so. Your Union has been working tirelessly to prevent this type of cost-shifting. Pretty sad, especially in times like these with workers and the public dealing with a potential health risk we have to fight with Kroger to give us our healthcare back and protect our language. We will continue the fight until they do what’s right!


  • The Company claims the Union is just focused on orientations and recognition. The ugly truth is, the Company brought these anti-union issues up first and the Union simply countered with a better idea!

The Union also proposed improvements on holiday pay, personal days, lead and ADH premiums just to name a few but the Company did not want to make any commitments at this time. All they wanted to do is fantasize about being non union and figure out a way to give you a no cost contract.

The Company is depending on every worker during this pandemic to help drive their sales. Likewise, the workers are depending on the Company to do the right thing and take care of them and their families. We damn sure are taking care of them right now!

God bless, be safe, and let's look out for one another!
Your UFCW Local 455 Bargaining Committee