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We want to provide you with the most recent update from our meeting with Kroger, which took place on December 30, 2020.

For 11 months, we’ve met with Kroger in good faith to negotiate a new and better contract for you. Instead of doing what is right, Kroger continues to claim that because of “budgetary limitations” and “fiscal responsibility,” they can’t restore your hazard pay or protect your healthcare.

There were 94 new COVID-19 cases reported among Kroger Houston workers last week.

This is the largest increase we have ever seen in one week since the beginning of the pandemic.

While you continue to put your health and safety at risk, Kroger continues to deny critical hazard pay and push for a healthcare plan that is designed to make it more expensive and difficult for you to use.

At the table last week, Kroger laid out more details on their K Plan, a plan that: (1) is company-controlled, not employee controlled; (2) they don’t have to pay into; and (3) whose costs are determined by the market, not set by you or for you.

What can you do about it?

  • Please make sure you and your coworkers are signed up for blast texts to hear critical updates: ask your coworkers to text “KROGERHOU” to 83071.
  • If your store manager is spreading false information about your union, or if you feel like they are trying to intimidate or manipulate you or your coworkers, call us immediately at (281) 448-5555.
  • As a union member, you have the right to have your union representative with you any time your manager asks to meet with you if you think it will lead to disciplinary action. All you need to do is hand them the printable card at the bottom of this page and contact your union representative.
  • Make sure you know who your steward (they will be one of your co-workers) and union representative are. If you need help identifying your steward or union representative, call us at (281) 448-5555.

Please stay tuned for additional updates in the next few days.

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