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The last thing your Union wants to do is use the scare tactics like the Kroger company continues to use, or see our membership live in fear of losing future healthcare coverage. Kroger stated clearly in our last bargaining session on Tuesday, 11/17; that the company will only agree to a company plan. Why is this so important to them? The company wants to confuse and coerce you during these open enrollment windows. Just so it’s clear, the Union is not coercing anyone, like the company, to enroll in either plan, and we do not want you to be confused by the company’s misinformation campaign.

Your Union is encouraging you to enroll in both plans. We are aware that the Labor Board can take some time to reach a decision on our ULP’s; and we would like to make sure our members have peace of mind while the Labor Board does its investigation. Your Union’s position is that membership never approved a Company Plan; however, it simply would not be fair to you to not have healthcare coverage for 2021 because of the company’s unlawful implementation and the games they are playing. This does not change our position on the company’s illegal implementation and we know that you deserve better than what they are trying to force you to take. We will continue to fight for you until the Company agrees to a fair bargaining agreement that you have all earned and deserve which includes Union Healthcare.

Please enroll in South Central at or the Quick Links Menu on the Store Computers. Also, get with a Member of Management to enroll into the “K-Plan” just to make sure you are covered and protected no matter what happens!

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