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Your Union bargaining committee and the Company met on 11/17/2020 to continue negotiating your Union contract. The Union committee went through the Company’s Last, Best, and Final offer proposal by proposal in hopes of finding common ground in order to come to a mutual agreement, and the Company refused to negotiate on every single item. Your Local union bargaining committee has proposed continuance and proper funding of your South Central fund, or a merger into the UFCW Local 1529 Memphis Fund, or yesterday your Union proposed merging into the Local 1995 Nashville Fund. The Company has given the Union only one healthcare proposal, the Company controlled “K-plan” and refused to agree to any of your Union’s multiple healthcare proposals. In April of 2019 the Company referred to the Nashville fund as “good and stable healthcare” and claimed it would “guarantee the payment of eligible healthcare claims for the duration of the contract” in an email titled “Talking Points for Managers” (See reverse side to view document).

The Union Committee made up of your coworkers voiced their concerns and asked them how is it acceptable to push contract and healthcare benefit concessions during a global pandemic, when the Company is making record profits? The Company chose not to respond. The Company also denied that their store managers are pressuring, intimidating, and in some cases threatening employees to enroll into their proposed plan. We all know that is not true!

Not only does the company want to replace your Union Healthcare, they are also wanting to replace you with Temporary Workers! That’s Unfair!!

Ask your store manager today!

  • Since when has Kroger management coerced you to enroll into any healthcare plan?
  • Why is it that not long-ago Kroger believed a Nashville Trust Fund was the best option in Houston, and it is not an option anymore?
  • Why did Kroger settle with the Dallas Local allowing those employees to preserve daily overtime, and a Union Trust Fund health care plan?
  • Why did Kroger reach an agreement on 11/13/2020, in West Virginia with a Union Trust Fund healthcare plan, but now in Houston they refer to any Union Trust Fund healthcare plan as unstable?

Below are the manager talking points used at store level to tell the workers about the proposal to merge with the Nashville UFCW Fund in 2019!

After the Company underfunded your Union Healthcare last year, they proposed to dismantle your South Central Trust Fund by merging your plan with another UFCW Employee-Controlled plan in Nashville!

Kroger, why not now? Why is the only option a “K-Plan,” when you proposed this Union Healthcare just last year?

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