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Your bargaining committee has had tough conversations with the Kroger negotiations committee. No written proposals have been exchanged by either side in the discussions as of yet. Kroger has complained about sales, profits, losing market share, the increase of healthcare costs and difficulties attracting and retaining employees.

Our response is Simple! The company needs to pay better wages, better benefits and increase hours and staffing in the stores for the employees. The Union explained to the company that they need to go back to stocking the stores, cutting fresh meat and taking care of the customer. That is how you get your sales back, not blaming the workers!

Healthcare costs have increased and we are aware of that. The union trustees are looking at options, not just Kroger cost, but the employee’s cost as well.

The company has spent a lot of time talking about the need for operational flexibility in the contract. Anytime the Company talks about more flexibility in the contract and/or removing contract language that simply means less worker protections for you!

When was the last time Kroger asked you to give something up that was good for you?

The contract language our members have fought hard over, for many years, is in there for a reason!

We will keep you updated throughout the bargaining process via our website, and registered members of the UFCW 455 mobile app available in the app store.

Trust and believe in your Union; the truth will always win.

Stay Union Strong,

Your UFCW Local 455 bargaining committee