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As part of our commitment to securing a strong contract that provides accessible and affordable health care, we want to provide more information on Kroger’s proposed “K Plan” as well as our proposal for a guarantee of benefits.

Kroger’s “K-Plan” Proposal

Kroger’s “K-plan” is a power grab to gain control of your South Central Trust Fund, which is currently run by a board of trustees that includes your union representatives. Under the “K Plan,” your health care will no longer be decided by a labor-management partnership, known as the “Trust,” but will be completely controlled by Kroger.

We want to be clear, there is no reason why Kroger cannot continue to contribute to the South Central Trust Fund where you can have stable benefits that could be greater than, or at least equal to, the company-controlled “K-plan.”  Their proposal is about control and taking away your seat at the table.

Your Union’s Guarantee of Benefits (MOB) Proposal

Your Union has proposed to Kroger a guarantee of benefits (referred to as a maintenance of benefits, or MOB), that would require the company to agree to not cut benefits for the duration of the next contract. This would mean, your current health care costs and benefits would remain the same, which is critical during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

You have earned and deserve the right to build a better life. And part of a better life means having affordable and accessible health care for you and your family, especially during these unprecedented times. It also means that you have a voice when it comes to your health care, wages, and other benefits.

That is why we are proposing a guarantee of benefits—through the South Central Trust Fund, and not a company-controlled plan–so that you can maintain your current coverage and your seat at the table.

Because the last thing any company should do in the middle of a global pandemic, is make your health care more expensive and less accessible.

Here’s how you can continue to stay informed on negotiations with regular updates:

  • Download the UFCW 455 App
  • Sign up for text alerts by texting “KROGERHOU” to 83071
  • Contact your Union Representative if you have any questions

In the meantime, make sure your co-workers have the facts and are informed about the truth behind the company’s K-Plan proposal!!!