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Many things were discussed in the first session of negotiations this week including restoring your healthcare benefits, competitive wage increases, hour reductions and minimum hour guarantees.

At the bargaining table we also addressed other concerns including managers doing clerk work, 3rd party online delivery services taking click-list hours, more self-checkouts, condensing of registers and the addition of more pre-packaged meat, which are all stealing hours from the hard-working men and women who make Kroger’s success possible.

While these and others are all major concerns, we understand the membership’s top priority is restoring healthcare and increasing wages and we will continue to bargain in hopes of reaching those goals. One job should be enough for all members, and we understand that a happy worker is a better worker! Our next negotiation session will begin on February 25. We have a lot of work to do at the bargaining table in the months ahead and we will keep you informed of any updates via and the UFCW 455 App. You may also address concerns to your union representative or email