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Dear UFCW members,

We’d like to send you some quick bargaining updates and next steps for how you can stand up for better wages and benefits:

Bargaining Updates

  • We have requested dates with Kroger for all open contracts including Houston, Shreveport, and Lake Charles.
  • We sent the company a letter on August 2 reminding them that we are still waiting for a response to the 8 proposals we gave in our last session and answers to our numerous outstanding information requests.
  • One of those information requests is a request for exactly how many workers and their families were kicked off their health insurance when Kroger forced all South Central participants onto the K Plan and then increased the hours requirements for coverage.

If you are one of the South Central participants who was forced on the K Plan and then kicked off because you didn’t meet their new, increased hours requirements, please reach out to us immediately at or (281) 448-5555.

Next Steps

We have ongoing community and store actions that we invite you and your friends and family to join with our other involved members and community allies.

To RSVP for these and future store actions, please text ‘SAC455’ to 83071 or click here. And as always, if you have any questions, reach out to us at (281) 448-5555.

Thank you again for everything you do and for standing together for the better life you truly deserve.


Brandon Hopkins

UFCW Local 455 President

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