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Earlier this year, the UFCW sent a clear message to Kroger and Albertsons – we will fight against any proposed megamerger that would hurt essential grocery workers and the communities they serve.

With a recent Economic Policy Institute report concluding that the megamerger could lead to lower wages for 746,000 grocery workers across the country – that’s 1 in 4 grocery workers, no matter if they are union members or not – we are more certain than ever that this merger could negatively impact all union members.

But it’s not too late. Right now, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has the power to take action to stop this megamerger if it finds that the effect of it would substantially lessen competition or create a monopoly. And we, as union members and consumers, have the power to make sure they do.

Join us by making your voice heard, and telling FTC that this merger could mean store closures leading to layoffs and losses of good-paying jobs.

The merger would undermine our hard work to ensure that our members have strong union jobs, our communities have access to affordable groceries and a choice of where to shop to feed their families. We need to protect our members, customers, and fellow workers and stop this megamerger.

We, and the communities we serve, cannot afford even higher food prices that make it more difficult to just feed our families.

Tell the FTC today to speak up against unchecked corporate greed and stop the megamerger from moving forward.

Sign the petition to stop the Kroger Albertsons Merger and help protect wages and jobs.

Make your voice heard.