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Want to Start a Union?
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No experience with unions? No problem. You can start a union at almost any company as long as you and your coworkers decide your job would be better with a union to back you up. Remember that some organizing drives don’t take long but some can take months! The more united the workers, the easier the Organizing drive.

How do you form a union?

Step 1

Bring together a small group of co-workers (the organizing committee) who will educate co-workers on the benefits of a union.

Step 2

Once the committee establishes a majority of co-workers support a union in the workplace, a union is notified and membership/authorization cards are signed.

Step 3

The membership/authorization cards are used to petition the NLRB to hold an official election.

Step 4

A secret ballot election is held in which workers can vote for union representation.

Step 5

When a majority vote yes for union representation, the employer must legally recognize the union and negotiate, in good faith, a union contract.

Step 6

Once a contract is agreed upon by both the employer and union, it is then presented to the employees to vote on!

Are you and your co-workers ready to start a union? Contact a Union Organizer Today!

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