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Health & Welfare

UFCW Local 455 members know the pitfalls of our current health care system—whether soaring costs or access to quality care. Members have been forced to organize community support, mobilize their workplaces and walk picket lines in order to fight back against employer demands to slash or reduce health care for workers and their families.

Texas Kroger Contract

Due to ongoing contract negotiations between your union and the Kroger company, the Company has unilaterally and unlawfully implemented changes to your healthcare and your Union contract. These changes are unjust and we have Unfair Labor Practices filed with the National Labor Relations Board challenging the company’s bad faith bargaining conduct, however these things take time to settle. If you have questions or comments about your current ‘K-plan’ please call the Kroger benefit center at 1-877-373-3397.

Louisiana Kroger Contract


UFCW Kroger Members are covered under two plans, Meat and Clerk. Please contact the appropriate fund below for information.


Promotion and transfer requests can be mailed, faxed or hand delivered to your Union Representative.
Please find the appropriate form linked below.

121 Northpoint Dr.
Houston, TX 77060
Fax: 281-820-1217