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Strong unions.

Strong voices.

Stronger contracts.

The signing of UFCW Local 455’s very first Collective Bargaining Agreement.

When you know your rights on the job, you can’t be pushed around. Download the UFCW455 App to find a copy of your Union Contract, or if you prefer, you can request one by filling out the form below.

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One of the many advantages of the collective bargaining agreement between your Local Union and the company is protection from arbitrary discipline. Your Union Contract only permits the company to discipline you for just cause.

Without such a Contract, Texas and Louisiana follow the traditional rules of employment “at will.” This means without a Union Contract, you can be fired or disciplined for any reason or no reason at all (unless, of course, the action is taken because of certain Federally protected rights).

In the Texas case of Striver v. Texas Instruments, Inc., decided by the Court of Appeals for the Fourteenth District in Houston, “employee handbooks, employee benefit booklets and similar documents have been held to be insufficient written memoranda of a contractual employment agreement limiting the employer’s right to discharge an employee at will…” Very simply, this means that if all you had was your employee handbook issued by the company, you would not have the protections that you now have under your collective bargaining agreement. The legal protection that you have under your Union Contract applies to part-time and full-time employees.

Contract Request Form

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    You have specific rights spelled out in your Union contract and knowing your rights is important. When you receive your contract, keep it safe. If you have any questions while we process your request, please contact your Union Representative or call the Houston office at 281-448-5555.