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What It Takes To Organize
Updated On: Jun 08, 2020

Today, more Americans realize the future of working families depends on a united voice to stand up against powerful corporate interests. The working men and women of UFCW Local 455 are that voice.

        At UFCW Local 455, you are the union.  You come together with your co-workers; you determine the working conditions and concerns that will be bargained in a contract; you will be part of a larger movement to improve the lives of working men and women in the workplace and in their communities.

The more workers who join together, the more management listens to what they have to say. In union there is strength. Without a union, you have only a few rights such as minimum wage, overtime after 40 hours and unemployment insurance. Every worker deserves affordable health benefits, living wages, safe working conditions, equal opportunity, a secure pension and a voice in the workplace.

The UFCW is working to make sure workers get their fair share.

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