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Hazard Pay for Essential Workers

By September 1, 2020February 22nd, 2021COVID-19, Our Campaigns

Hazard Pay for Essential Workers

Are you a UFCW member?
Share your story about why hazard pay is important to you.

Whether you work at a grocery store, pharmacy, senior care facility, hospital, or in meatpacking and food processing, your union believes that you have earned and deserve hazard pay.

By sharing your story about the risks you face at work, you are helping to send a message to our employers and elected leaders that as long as the threat and hazards of COVID-19 remain, hazard pay is essential for hardworking UFCW members.

Record a 90 second video sharing your story of what it’s like during the pandemic. Help raise awareness of the ongoing hazards you & your coworkers still face and the importance of hazard pay.

What is it like to be an essential Kroger worker in Houston during a pandemic?