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The Union Difference
Updated On: Aug 03, 2020

Unions are making a difference. With most of the economic benefits of our economy going to corporate America, working people are using the power of collective action to get their fair share. Workers never got anything without uniting for it.

Union workers are more likely to have:

Union workers have more guaranteed benefits protected by their Union Contract:

Union workers generally make higher wages than non-union workers and receive guaranteed pay raises. Union workers have a right to Union Representation at any meeting they feel may lead to disciplinary action.

With a Union Contract standing behind them, Union workers can only receive discipline for 'just cause.'
Union workers have a right to grieve any event which directly violates their contractual rights.

Seniority gives union-represented workers a variety of special benefits such as wage scales, promotions and vacations based on years of service.

Union members have a voice and a vote in the benefits they receive in a Union Contract. Each new contract is ratified by the union members.

If you and your co-workers feel Union Representation is needed in your workplace, read more about what it takes to organize here

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