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April 19, 2015
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Officers & Executive Board

   William H. Hopkins 

Bill started his union career at Local 455 over 30 years ago. He was elected President of Local 455 in December 1993. Throughout his career, he has served in many areas of labor activity as an Organizer, Union Representative and Field Director to the President as well as processing grievances, arbitrations, negotiating union contracts and serving as Trustee for the Atlanta Pension Fund and South Central H & W Trust Fund. In addition to providing leadership to Local 455, Bill proudly serves as Vice President on the UFCW International Executive Board. He also serves as Vice President of several organizations including UFCW Minority Coalition, United Latinos of UFCW, UFCW Region 5 Council and the United Council of UFCW.

   Rick Alleman 
Rick started his career with Kroger in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at age 17. He was elected as Vice President of UFCW Local 1691’s Executive Board in 1978 and continued in that capacity after the merger with Local 210. Local 210 later elected him as Secretary Treasurer in 1993 and he continues to serve as Secretary Treasurer after merging with Local 455. Rick has served the UFCW membership at every level. In addition to his position as Executive Assistant to the President, Rick also negotiates some of the Collective Bargaining Agreements for the Local Union and serves as Trustee for the South Central H & W Trust Fund. Rick also oversees the servicing representatives in Louisiana.
  Sue Mann 

Sue began her career with Kroger 109 in Clute, TX in 1976 and has been a union member for nearly 30 years. Sue joined the Local 455 staff as a Union Representative in 1994. Prior to joining the staff, she served as an Union Steward for her store, a negotiation committee member during contract negotiations and was appointed as Vice President of the Executive Board in the early 1990's.   As Special Assistant to the President, she handles all third step grievances, arbitrations and assists with Kroger contract negotiations.
Vice President
   Kathy Crysel

Kathy’s service with Kroger in Lake Charles, Louisiana exceeds 25 years. During this time, she has served the local union membership as an Union Steward and a Kroger negotiation committee member. Kathy was elected to serve as Vice President of the Executive Board for Local 210 and she continues to serve on the Executive Board for Local 455.
Vice President
   Rosendo Dominguez 

In 1973, Rosendo started his career with Kroger in Corpus Christi, TX and transferred to Kroger in Houston, TX in 1986. He has been a union member with Local 455 for over 30 years. Prior to joining the Local 455 staff in 1997, Rosendo assisted his union as an Union Steward and as a Special Projects Union Representative (SPUR). Rosendo was appointed as Vice President of the Executive Board in 2003. Currently, he serves the Local Union as Field Director. As Field Director, he oversees the servicing representatives in Texas. Rosendo also assists with the membership, grievances and contract negotiations in Texas.  
Vice President
   Mickey Hampton 

Mickey started his career with House of Raeford in Arcadia, Louisiana in March 1997.  He serves the membership as Chief Union Steward and works as Lead Person in the maintenance department.  Mickey was elected as Vice President of the Executive Board for Local 455 in January 2008.
Vice President
   Josie Leday
Josie works for Kroger and has been a union member for the past 30 years. She represents the local union as an Union Steward. Over the years, she served on negotiation committees during contract bargaining and assisted with the 1990 Kroger strike. She currently serves as Vice President of the Executive Board.  

Vice President
   Easter Nobles
Vice President
    Dora Petty

Dora works for Kroger 385 in the bakery department. She has worked at Kroger since August 1976. She currently serves as an Union Steward. She was elected as Vice President to the Executive Board in October 2009.   
Vice President
   Wilton Porter
Wilton started his career at Kroger over 25 years ago and is currently the Dairy Manager at Kroger 219 in Huntsville, TX. He joined Local 455 in 1983 and has served the membership as an Union Steward and a negotiation committee member during contract negotiations with Kroger. Wilton was appointed Vice President of the Executive Board in 2006.  
Vice President
   Jessie Tigerina 
Jesse Tigerina works for Kroger 361 as a meat cutter. He's been a Kroger employee since February 1982. He currently serves as an Union Steward for his store. Prior to merging with Local 455, Jesse served as Vice President of the Executive Board for Local 408. He was elected to the Executive Board as Vice President for Local 455 in October 2009.  

Vice President   Jerome Trevillion    

Jerome started working for Kroger in 1982 and currently works as a Dairy Manager at Kroger 173.  For the past 30 years, Jerome diligently served Local 455 as an Union Steward, a Negotiation committee member during contract negotiations with Kroger, and a Picket Captain during the 1990 Kroger Strike.  Jerome was elected as Vice President of the Executive Board in 1999. 

Vice President
 Charlie Wilkerson  


Vice President



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